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As stated in the Society’s Constitution and By-laws, the Society aims to professionalize the NDT practice in the country. To attain this objective, the following activities are undertaken for the members:

  1. Conduct of NDT training courses in all NDT Methods and Levels of Qualification in accordance with the requirements of the National Standard (PNS/ISO-9712:2006 РQualification and Certification of NDT Personnel).A PSNT member can enroll in any of the training courses at a 20% discount of the training fee (Member should have been accepted as a member six (6) months before the scheduled NDT training course). A corporate member can enroll a maximum of three (3) individual members for a discounted rate of 25% of the training fee.
  2. Conduct classes for the PHIL-NCB-NDT national certifications examinations.A PSNT member can enroll in the review classes at a discounted rate of 10%.
  3. Conduct seminars and workshops on relevant NDT fields or topics. Foreign experts are invited to provide the discussion of the topics in the seminars or workshop.A PSNT member can attend the seminars and workshops for a nominal fee.
  4. Holding of the Annual Convention and General Membership Meeting in the third Friday of the month of November. During the Convention, a technical session composed of presentation and discussion of technical papers related to the theme of the Convention is conducted.Convention kit consisting of a convention bag, free copy of THE EVALUATOR, and other souvenir items are given FREE to the attendees during the convention.
  5. Publication and distribution of the Society’s technical journal, THE EVALUATOR, during the Annual Convention.PSNT members are given free copies of THE EVALUATOR (PSNT members are encouraged to contribute articles for publication in THE EVALUATOR).
  6. Maintaining a library of reference materials and test specimens in NDT.
  7. PSNT officers and other PSNT members provide advice to members on NDT-related matters.
  8. PSNT members who are qualified by traning and experience may be given referrals for employment in local NDT companies and other companies doing business abroad.
  9. Privileges of a Corporate Member:
    1. Two free individual membership during the first year of membership.
    2. Endorsement by PSNT with the local and international NDT organizations for the corporate member-officer on NDT-related matters.
    3. Assistance to the Corporate Member for the implementation of any NDT-related activity.
    4. Five (5) free copies of THE EVALUATOR.
  10. Linkages with government agencies, professional societies and international agencies and organizations, such as:
    Government Agencies
    Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI)
    Bureau of Product Standards (BPS)
    UP National Engineering Center (UPNEC)
    Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC)
    Air Transport Office (ATO)
    Occupational Health and Safety Center (OHSC)
    Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)

    Professional Societies
    Philippine Society for Mechanical Engineers
    Radioisotope Society of the Philippines, Inc.
    Maintenance Association of the Philippines

    International Agencies
    International Committee on NDT (ICNDT)
    International Atomic Energy Agency
    United Nationas Development Program

    Foreign NDT Societies
    Japan Society for Nondestructive Inspection, Inc.
    Australian Institute for Nondestructive Testing
    Canadian Society for Nondestructive Testing
    American Society for Nondestructive Testing
    Malaysian NDT Society
    Bangladesh Society of NDT

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Training Courses
  • January 3-17

    Welding Inspectors Course

  • January 13-24

    Ultrasonic Testing - Level 2

  • January 13-24

    Ultrasonic Testing - Level 3

  • February 3 - 14

    Surface Methods - Level 2

  • February 3 - 14

    Surface Methods - Level 3

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