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Code of Ethics

banner-codeThis Code of Ethics shall apply to all members of the Philippine Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. (PSNT). Each member shall conduct himself in accordance with the following precepts:

  1. To uphold all times the good name of the society, its constitution and by-laws, and its membership.
  2. To refrain from misinterpretation of any aspects of the aims and objective of the society.
  3. To advance the aims and objectives of the society through the exchange of information and experiences with others, whenever possible.
  4. To maintain a high standard of skill, practice knowledge and integrity that will protect and safeguard the life and health of his associates, superiors, subordinates and general public.
  5. To render efficient service in accordance with professionally acceptable industry standards and practices.
  6. To provide for the opportunity for personal advancements and increasing the skills of his employees and of those under his supervision.
  7. To perform all NDT activities in the spirit of fairness to employers, employees, clients, customers, competitors, colleagues and associates.
  8. To avoid any unprofessional practices and activities in soliciting contracts and to decline any connection with improper patronage.
  9. To refrain from accepting compensation in any form or kind except from his principal client or employer.
  10. To disclose to his employer or client any connection or business affiliation which might involve a conflict of interest.
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